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Popular Local Hikes

Trail of The Cedars

The Trail of the Cedars is probably one of the most popular and well-traveled short hikes inside Glacier National Park. This mostly level trail consists of a boardwalk and blacktop trail that is handicapped accessible. The trail takes hikers through a spectacular forest of giant cedar trees, spruce and other species of pine and deciduous trees. Beneath the trees you will be captivated by moss-covered rocks and beautiful ferns and other small native plants that make up the forest floor.

At the far end of the looped trail you will cross over Avalanche Creek and have an opportunity to peer into the beautiful Avalanche Gorge where the waters of Avalanche Creek roar through a thin slot canyon that has been smoothed and shaped into beautiful and unique formations over the years.

Jewel Basin Hiking Area

The Jewel Basin is an area of over 15,300 acres of mountains, valleys, forests and alpine lakes set apart exclusively for hiking, camping and fishing, motorized vehicles and horses are prohibited in the area and on the trails. The region includes more than 35 miles of hiking trails and over 27 named lakes. Jewel Basin lies within the Flathead National Forest between Kalispell and the Hungry Horse Reservoir.

Boat Cruises on Lake McDonald and Flathead Lake

Northwest Montana is known for it’s beautiful lakes and reservoirs. Two of the most popular lakes in our area are Flathead Lake situated near the center of the Flathead Valley, and Lake McDonald just inside Glacier National Park’s west entrance. A great way to enjoy these beautiful lakes from a new and different perspective is to take part in a cruise around the lake.

The Glacier Park Boat Company provides tours around Lake McDonald as well as Saint Marys Lake and Two Medicine Lake. These stunning lake tours are made even more special and unique because they take place aboard historic wooden boats reminiscent of Glacier National Parks rich history.

Likewise, the Far West Boat Tour Company takes guest out on boat tours of Flathead Lake in their lovely touring boat that almost has the feel of an old Mississippi River Boat.

Either of these tours is a great way to experience the beauty and scenery of the area from a new and different perspective on the water.

Hungry Horse Dam

On your way to Glacier National Park, it might behoove you to take a short detour near the town of Hungry Horse and check out the Hungry Horse Dam, which is just a short drive up a side road from highway 2 that leads to the park. This impressive concrete structure is the highest dam in the state of Montana at 564 feet and also one of the largest concrete arch dams in the United States. 

The dam was built in 1953 and has been a vital source of power and electricity since that time. It also has benefitted the Flathead Valley in other ways like preventing the frequent flooding that used to take place in many of the towns and communities down stream each year during the spring run off from the mountains.

National Bison Range

The National Bison Range located at the south end of the Flathead Valley near Saint Ignatious is a great place to see some amazing wildlife up close. It is also an opportunity to see the Flathead Valley similar to how it must have been back when Lewis and Clark first explored the area hundreds of years ago. The Bison Range contains over 18,700 acres of protected land set aside as a habitat for not only bison, but elk, bighorn sheep, deer, antelope, bears and more.

The range includes a 19-mile graveled road that circles through the park during the late spring, summer and fall.

Wild Horse Island

Flathead Lake is so grand, it has it’s own island! Several islands in fact, but the largest one is actually set aside as a protected state park that visitors can boat or kayak to and enjoy a day of hiking, picnicking and wildlife viewing. The island got its catchy moniker from a band of wild horses that still roam free on the island today. There are also several big horn sheep, mule deer and coyotes that roam the island. Legend has it that most of these animals found their way onto the island during the cold winters when the lake becomes frozen over, and then decided to make the place their permanent home.

The island is approximately 2,100 acres in size and it does not allow for any overnight camping or any open fires. The park is a day-use only park so be sure you keep an eye on the clock and get off the island while you still have some light, or you may find yourself having to navigate your way home across the lake in the dark.

Whitefish Mountain Ski & Summer Resort

Whitefish Mountain Resort is a all-season, year-round resort and recreational playground. In the winter time the mountain resort boasts 3000+ acres of skiable terrain ranging from beginner to double black diamond, and the mountain is blessed with more than 300 inches of fluffy snow each winter. 

During the summer time the mountain is perhaps even more engaging. You will find 5 1/2 miles of trails dedicated solely to hiking on the mountain during the summer, and more than 25 miles of mountain biking trails, and trails that offer mixed use for mountain biking and hiking. There is also an alpine slide, an aerial adventure park, summer tubing, and a network of zip-lines that is sure to get your adrenaline pumping and your heart racing with some zips that carry you over 1500 feet across the mountain valleys at heights of more than 300 feet above the ground.

Big Sky Water Park

Big Sky Water Park is a very welcome attraction for both locals and visitors alike here in northwest Montana when the temperatures begin to rise in the summertime and people are looking for a great way to cool off and have some fun. This is the only waterpark you will find in northwest Montana. The park offers more than a dozen waterslides and other water features to help you cool off and stay entertained during the summertime. You will also find opportunities for miniature golf, arcade games, sand volleyball, a climbing wall and more.

World Class Golf Courses

The Flathead Valley is known for great golfing opportunities. Here at Mountain View RV Park you will actually find yourself located almost directly between two of the best in the valley. The Whitefish Lake Golf Course is a stunning 36-hole course offering both a north course and a south course each of which are quite unique in both their design and their playing challenges. 

On the opposite side of the park and just a few miles down the road you will find Meadow Lake Golf Resort, a stunning 18-hole course that offers great variety and challenges along with unsurpassed beauty.

There are many additional golf courses available througout the valley as well, including Northern Pines which is also just a few minutes away from the RV park.  Buffalo Hill Golf Course and the Village Greens are two other courses in Kalipell that are decent courses to play.