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Columbia Falls

Columbia Falls is only about 5 minutes down the road from the RV Park.

Columbia Falls has become affectionately nicknamed “The Gateway to Glacier Park.” Being the last of the larger communities that you pass through before exiting the Flathead valley and entering Bad Rock Canyon on your way to Glacier National Park, Columbia Falls lives up to it's nickname quite well. The drive leaving Columbia Falls before you enter Glacier Park at its southwest entrance gate is only a mere 15 miles.

However don't mistake Columbia Falls as being just a gateway that you pass through on your way to Glacier Park. This lovely little community also hosts many services and shops that will help make your vacation a lot more convenient.

Super One Foods is a very nice grocery market located at the western edge of town that offers a large variety of fresh produce, organic foods and various other grocery items at very competitive prices, and you don't even have to be a member of any grocery clubs to get the extra savings.

Smiths Grocery store is another nice option for buying grocery items and other necessities, which is located more in the middle of town on Nucleus Avenue.

If you are looking for delicious cuts of quality meat, from prime rib and tri-tips to sausages and everything in between, then you will want to check out Prime Cuts butcher shop in Columbia Falls.  It is located near down town, and offers some of the highest quality meat cuts that you can find in the valley!

Columbia Falls is the home of several great restaurants and eating establishments as well, including The North Fork Grill, Vaquero's Mexican Restaurant and the Gunsight Saloon all located near downtown.

Other great options for dining out include Backslope Brewery & Kitchen, and Montana Coffe Trader's Cafe which are all located right off of Hwy 2 as you pass through town.

You can find many other common conveniences and necessities in Columbia Falls too, the town is home to several auto parts supply stores including Auto Zone, Oriely's, and Napa, and there are numerous banks and credit unions in town that can help you out with financial matters including Glacier Bank, Park Side Federal Credit Union, Whitefish Credit Union and Freedom Bank.

Other points of interest in Columbia Falls include Meadow Lake Golf Course, Big Sky Water Slides. Also, throughout the summer and early fall, Columbia Falls hosts a very popular Farmers market each week on Thursday night. This popular event always includes booths set up by many of the areas local farmers and craftsmen, a variety of food trucks, and a live local band that keeps the night hopping.

You can click here to visit the Columbia Falls Chamber of commerce site.

Whitefish, Montana

A short drive in the other direction will bring you to the very popular resort town of Whitefish, Montana. Whitefish caters to those looking for the 'resort experience' this is a ski town with a world-class ski mountain that also provides plenty of fun options in the summertime including zip-lines, an alpine slide, aerial adventure park, miles of mountain bike trails, scenic gondola rides and more.

As if all of that weren’t enough Whitefish also boasts a beautiful lake, an ice rink, a 36-hole golf course, a Broadway-style playhouse, dozens of art galleries and museums and many unique shops, cafes, bars and pubs to keep you entertained and enlightened.

Like Columbia Falls, Whitefish also has a couple of options to provide for the essentials. There is a Super One grocery store located in Whitefish as well as a Safeway grocery store.  Both stores are located on the main street near the south end of town.

Many of the same financial institutions exist in Whitefish as well including Glacier Bank, Park Side Credit Union and Whitefish Credit Union, as well as America Bank located near the center of town.

Of course being a resort community, Whitefish has a nice variety of delicious dining establishments to choose from with some of the standout options being: Chiao Mambo's Italian Restaurant, The Whitefish Lake Restaurant, The Boat Club at Whitefish Lake Lodge, The Buffalo Cafe, Tupelo Grill, MacKenzie River Pizza, Co., and Wasabi Sushi Bar and Restaurant.

Click here to visit the Whitefish Chamber website.